Diet Quick to fatten — Steps 6

Eating healthy sandwich

Most people suffer to lose belly fat, while others are desperate to gain weight and muscle mass without success. Some may find it very difficult to lose weight, but those who can not gain weight also face many problems. Men and women dream of having a nice body, set to draw the attention of the opposite sex, feel more confident, more willing, healthy and better fitness.

The diet to fatten quick guides eat 5-6 times a day at spaced intervals (every three hours). This is a good number to gain weight healthily without extrapolating. Eating even when not hungry respecting the times is important.

So, eat a nice breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper. Opt for high-calorie foods to eat during the day. Get a stock of bananas, cereal bars, peanut butter, among other things for snacks during the day.

2. Increase the amount of calories

It does not help increase the amount of meals you consume the day if you do not eat more fattening foods than is normally used. Meals need to be large and rich in calories, so choose large plates instead of small plates and make them rich in protein such as meat, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Some tips calorie foods, tasty and healthy to eat during the day are: A neat omelet for breakfast with vegetables, ham and cheese, seasoned with parsley and oregano accompanied by a fruit juice and whole grain breads. For lunch, you can eat rice or whole-wheat pasta with proteins like chicken and vegetables or a balanced dish with meat, rice and salad (do not be shy to repeat the meat, eat all you want); for dinner, you can substitute rice for potatoes accompanied by a nice grilled steak.

3. Nutritious foods

If you are investing in a calorie but unhealthy diets, looking fat with pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and processed foods, stop as soon as possible. In addition to be compromising your health, you will gain fat instead of muscle and is not what you want, right?

The diet for fat fast is the ideal that encourages the consumption of nutritious foods such as whole oats, chicken and fresh meat (nothing frozen processed meats such as hamburger, sausage, sausage and the like). Prefer to dine at home, always grilled and well nutritious or frequent restaurants that serve homemade food. Forget the barbecue restaurants, snack bars and fast foods, as much as they wave them for you.

4. Protein, fat and carbohydrates

The three things, in this case, the three most important macronutrient that should be part of your diet to gain weight fast every day are these: protein, fat and carbohydrates. The ideal is to incorporate these three at every meal you make. It can be difficult, but creating a list of products and varying them throughout the day you can get there.

The protein category of products you can buy in quantity are: eggs, salmon, tuna and other fish, seafood, pork, chicken, steaks and other lean meats. Fats can be: olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, flaxseed, walnuts and almonds. Carbohydrates that can integrate your diet are: beans, lentils, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole wheat bread and other whole grain products preference.

5. Stay hydrated

With this change in eating habits is common you feel more thirsty than normal, mainly due to ingested proteins. So drink all you want without fear of water. Drinking water accompanied the meals and in the intervals is essential to prevent dehydration and aid in weight gain.

Drink at least ten glasses of water a day, especially if you are performing the physical activities indicated for muscle gain. Alternatively you can opt for unsweetened teas, fruit juices and other healthy drinks.

6. Training for weight gain

To gain mass more effectively is necessary to combine the practice to diet to fatten quickly. So, focus on weight lifting to make them stronger and bigger muscles. If you have never practiced weight training, start slowly with lower weight, the process should be gradual so as not to strain your muscles and cause injury. Gradually you can increase the weight as you gain more strength. Foods that are consuming will give you more energy to speed up these steps.

You should perform the exercises several times, at least three days a week. You can sign up at a gym under the supervision of a teacher or purchase some dumbbells and barbells to practice at home. As much as you want a muscle of his body stand out more - usually men care more about the biceps and abs - remember that all body muscles should be exercised, therefore, look for alternate exercises between arms , thighs, back, abdomen, legs and chest.

The help of a personal trainer to create a specific exercise plan for your body type is highly recommended. Remember to rest between one session and another and never exercise the same muscle the next day, because the range should be 48 hours.

Take a shake after completion of the training, some bananas or dried fruit to nourish along with a protein supplement such as whey protein. Have a good night of sleep. Sleep is essential to gain muscle mass, because the muscles are reconstituted during relaxation, plus it is during sleep that growth hormone is released, helping to define and tone your muscles. The ideal is to sleep eight to nine hours a day to enjoy all the efforts made during workouts.

You need to go on a diet to gain weight fast? What methods do you use today, and what needs to change in your life? Comment below!