The Weight Watchers Diet — How It Works, Menu and Tips

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers diet is a diet that involves points. The Weight Watchers have always been known for offering an efficient program for weight loss without impositions and restrictions that would preclude the adoption of long-term diet. Currently they offer a program known as ProPontos where the person does not need to give up indulge in your favorite foods, but emagrecerão recognizing that excesses should be avoided, so adapting points to food. It is essential that you recognize that the ProPontos program not only will help you lose weight but also to adopt healthy habits for your entire life. Find more information about Weight Watchers, for identifying the aspects that justify the nearly 50 years of success achieved.

Weekly meetings

Members are also invited to participate in weekly meetings. The meetings take place in various locations and there are meeting points in virtually every city. Members have a special weighing to check your progress and results can be kept confidential if they want. They also attend lectures, talk to the other participants and discuss the different ways to achieve the goals. The meetings provide a space to vent and support among those who are going through the same journey of weight loss.

No forbidden foods

When you are doing a diet of Weight Watchers (food plan), there are no foods that are forbidden on the menu. You simply eat foods that are accustomed to eating, only taking care of the measures and keeping track of points. You might not eat all your favorite foods on the same day, but with careful planning and an eye on the excesses, almost no food is forbidden - even cake!

Easy to adapt

To be a more flexible approach to food, many people consider the Weight Watchers diet as easy to be taken for life. The company offers long-term association, giving those who follow the diet of the necessary tools for them to have success now and in the future.

A popular diet

Weight Watchers The are known for their reputation of being successful. Members often find friends and allies in the weight loss journey during meetings and often the support obtained by the vast virtual network drives people to succeed in finding the way to lose weight and maintain.


As with any diet, maintenance is the key word. A wide range of power options, both prefabricated and made at home, make this easy diet to follow throughout life. The Weight Watchers are a great option for those who really want to make your weight loss a permanent event.

Weight Watchers resources

Weight Watchers offer an easy diet to use system that helps people lose weight by controlling your eating habits and counting points. The point value of each food is based on the amount of calories and other nutritional aspects. Members can participate in an online community to ask questions, receive tips and also weekly meetings in designated areas.

Focusing on what's important

Weight Watchers to give special focus on the observation of the foods that are ingested and make healthy food choices. Because of this, they offer plenty of recipe suggestions, prefabricated foods and guidelines for creating proper meals to your diet.

Cookbooks of Weight Watchers

To assist you in planning your meals, Weight Watchers launched several cookbooks. The cookbooks provide a detailed plan of meals to the menu of the diet, beyond the point value of each recipe. Books are available both online and in bookstores. You can also find electronic cookbooks which can be accessed by tablets.

points allowed per day

The amount of points allowed per day varies according to each person depending on their weight and sex. The people who do the diet usually assign a certain number of points for each meal. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let's assign him enough points to assist in providing the energy needed to carry out daily activities. You can schedule daily points according to their meals, but it is critical to avoid meals with the most points at night. The burden of food can cause discomfort and negatively influence in his sleep.

Adjusting points according to what you feel

The points can be adjusted according to the results that are seen and the feelings of those who make the diet. If weight loss is not occurring, the points allowed per day can be reduced. As if the weight loss is too rapid or if the person feels bad for the diet, points can be added to relieve the symptoms and slow the weight loss to a healthier level.

Making decisions for a healthier diet

The points system causes people to make healthier decisions to stay within the permitted score. lean meats and fish are encouraged, as well as the glycemic index diet and Meditarráneo diet. Fats as unhealthy oils and creamy salad dressings are used sparingly. Peppers and herbs which add much flavor to the dish can be used without addition points.

customized meals

Unlike other diet plans that have their prescribed menu, the Weight Watchers plan allows you to customize meals to suit your taste. Eating foods that you learn in preparing healthy meals is part of a permanent solution to the franchise Weight Watchers provides. The ability of people to create their own menu and cook according to your taste, do they develop real solutions and skills that can be used for life in maintaining weight loss.

Variety of Available Resources

There are plenty of tips available on the Weight Watchers site, they can help in creating a plan of suitable spots for you. Use the weight and gender as a starting point, you can create a custom plan supply that meets your needs.

How the Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watchers diet is an eating plan that works through a point system. They are assigned values ​​relating to points in each food according to a simple formula. You can consume a certain number of points per day, based on a variety of factors such as your age, gender, current weight, caloric expenditure and physical condition.

It is essential that the value to the person's BMI is taken into consideration, because it is through it that will be analyzed the percentage of muscle and fat contained in the body.

Through the guidelines below you can calculate the amount of points you can consume per day:

It is advisable to consider whether the person in question is physically active or not.

The particular characteristics should also be taken into account, so there is no damage to health.

Should seek an evaluation based on personal information, thus accounting for the caloric needs of the individual.

The number equivalent to the calorie intake should be divided by 3.6. It is noteworthy that the number shall be rounded.

Below you can meet some values ​​for reference:

25 to 29.9200 points175 points
30 to 34.9225 points200 points
35 to 39.9275 points250 points
40 or more325 points300 points

How to calculate the points - Once you have determined the amount of points allowed per day, the next step is to learn how to calculate the points value of food. You can use the list provided by Weight Watchers with common foods or can calculate the points yourself. To calculate the points, follow these steps:

Controlling the amount of points - By controlling the amount of points allowed and points of food you eat, you can control your weight loss. The system of Weight Watchers has worked for thousands of people and can work for you too.

Getting used to score points

As with any other diet, the Weight Watchers diet for an initial phase (not quite a stage because this diet is not organized in phases as the Dukan diet) you need to get used to count the points and calculate your points balance. Once you master the count, losing weight is easy. Make sure to check the weight weekly to make sure that you are losing, that's exactly what the meetings are marked. This is the best way for you to recognize your needs and adjust the amount of points allowed.


The Weight Watchers not only offer the program, but also contribute with delicious recipes indications for you to incorporate into your meal plan. a table with points determined for each food is offered, but we must recognize that add points to a particular recipe can become a difficult task. It is exactly why the recipes offered on the site can become an alternative for you because they inform the necessary ingredients and the points equivalent to the consumed portion.

Weight Watchers menu may be appropriate for you, this is the main argument used to convince people to adopt the method. There is no tax menu to be followed. You can use the available revenue and still consume foods that are available with equivalent points in books and guides to support the diet.

The points of the food can also be viewed on the program's website and available applications.

Diet Weight Watchers gluten

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten or wheat allergy, you may think that your choices to the menu are limited. However, it is entirely possible that you use the system of Weight Watchers along with a gluten-free diet. With the growing popularity of gluten-free diets, Weight Watchers announced that they included rules gluten-free food in your diet plan.

If you join the Weight Watchers, you will have access to the website where you can connect with others who are trying to lose weight. Make search for the discussions of those who can not eat gluten to get valuable tips, tricks and inspiration. You will find many recipes for entrees, appetizers and side dishes that have low scores and are gluten free.

Also, you can join communities and groups dedicated to the Weight Watchers diet participants who can not eat gluten. These communities can be found in various places, such as Yahoo Groups in sites for celiacs and even Facebook. Find a group with which you can connect and feel good, it will help you build a support network and assistance to your diet.

Guidelines for food without gluten

Since now the Weight Watchers is offering guides with tips for food without gluten, you can easily create recipes that fit in your diet. The program also offers some gluten-free recipes, so you get in addition to the members area to be a great source to find more revenue.

powerful list of foods

The Weight Watchers offers a powerful list of foods that are nutritious, little greasy and appropriate to the menu of the diet. There are a range of gluten-free options on this list, which can help you satisfy hunger (avoid entering the hungry mode) and still stay on track for weight loss. Look for whole, unprocessed foods and gluten-free to get the best nutrition and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

free replacements

You can also include substitutes freely in your diet, as long as you stay within your limit points. Make choices carefully and follow the diet as you normally would. The Weight Watchers diet works on a points system, as long as you correctly calculate the points of your food without gluten favorites, you can replace the revenue and meal plans as you want and still lose weight.

Taking advantage of the Weight Watchers diet Popularity

Since Weight Watchers was one of the first to adapt the diet plan users who can not consume gluten, much of it is on the Weight Watchers website. Take advantage of this popularity and connect to the others who are facing the same challenges you and build a support network, income and information on which you can rely on to achieve a weight and a healthier life.

Support for all

The Watchers program weight can be adopted by many people because the initiative is able to offer support to people with diverse characteristics that hinder the weight loss process. There is information that should be taken into account when we refer to weight loss healthy. Diabetics, women in menopause stage or breastfeeding and even vegetarians can rely on a special attention to a program to be chosen that best suits personal characteristics, without forgetting the purpose of Weight Watchers.


- The Weight Watchers diet aids in the sense of satiety because recommends that daily points are appropriate in at least four meals a day, as well, you will realize meals with smaller portions and feel continually satiated, which will prevent overeating.

- Consume at least 2.5 liters of water per day, the water thermogenesis contributes to yet provides satiety.

- Balance the points between meals, do not drive the daily points for certain meals, it is essential that you keep the balance all day.

- Participate in meetings of Weight Watchers, it is through them that you will learn more about the program and you may get better results.

- Do not forget to adopt healthy habits, a new food should be combined with practices geared to benefit your health. Exercise is essential to contribute to the daily caloric burn and balance the body.

Do you know anyone who participates or has already done the Weight Watchers Diet? Do you have any desire to join this group? Why you have not done? Comment below!